Love Weavers United
Love Weavers United

I’m delighted to share with you a new online program called “Love Weavers United”. It is an online space for exploring the nature of love including:

  • how "love" can transform us and others
  • how we can love ourselves
  • how we can create more loving actions in the world
  • how we can care for and support one another and each other through the challenging times ahead.

When you join you'll be able to 

         Join in the Conversations and

  • Share your visions, frustrations, and challenges
  • Support one other through difficult times
  • Share your stories and how love has healed you and those you know
  • Commit to your intentions
  • Practice and share random acts of kindness

    Add Resources for others you've found useful. Upload:

  • Media (audio and visual)
  • Book suggestions/reviews
  • Upcoming conferences and events others may be interested in attending
  • Dynamic leaders/presenters you've discovered

    Join our Weekly Private Online Sharing Circle 

  • where we come together to explore the nature of love and open-hearted living while making intimate connections with others who care and support us.

    Join us to Explore the Love Weavers Community Now! 
Love Weavers United

What's Love Got to Do With It?

As I’ve pondered all that 2020 has brought into our lives one thing has become crystal clear.
What our world needs more than anything else right now, is “Love”. 

Love transforms each and every one of us. And it can transform our world as well. I bet you can remember a time when a simple act of kindness touched your heart and opened you up so that you payed it forward. It’s a natural tendency to want to share the love we feel.

This is the message I am receiving from every corner of my life. This plea for a more loving world is coming from spiritual authors, articles, videos, and the ever-present still small voice in my meditations. I have realized that my forward path in 2021, my new chapter, has never been more clear - 

“Love is the Answer to Every Question we are Asking.”

So, with that inspiration, I ask you to consider ways you too can send more light and love out into the world. Just choose one method to begin, whether it’s treating yourself more kindly (like you would a child) or helping a neighbor, or praying for our world. Every act of kindness raises the vibration of this planet.

I'd also love for you to become a “Love Weaver” for 2021. Please know that you are more than welcome. I truly believe the way out of this darkness is to join together to shine our lights brighter than ever.

In Light, Love, and Peace,